What is mycelium?

Mycelium is the branching underground structure of mushrooms. It grows as tiny threads that forms vast networks under the forest floor. The mycelium gives the material the strength and, if required, also suppleness.

What are mycelium materials?

Mycelium materials is made by adding fungal mycelium to an organic substrate, in biological terms also called inoculation. The mycelium is growing in the substrate and forms the mycelium material.

What products are available?

To try out mycelium materials there is a Grow-It-Yourself mycelium material substrate

Do you sell directly to consumers?

MME is a Business-to-Business (B2B) company and used to larger volumes to a selected limited customer base. However, as we know ourselves all businesses start small. In the shop you can order our substrate to make mycelium materials yourself. But please accept that we are not a consumer-oriented company and therefore offer limited services if you order via our shop. 

Do you have instructions to process the mycelium substrate?

Ecovative offers a complete instruction manual. Please note that we already activate the mycelium, so there is no need to mix it with supplemental nutrition.

download manual

Why are you located in Hedel?

The area around Hedel is known for its mushroom growing. Quite some mushroom growers in the Netherlands are located in that area. To have the full advantage of that ecosystem MME decided to start-up their business in that area.

How sustainable is mycelium material?

MME is applying the principles of a mushroom farm. Mushrooms is food, so no chemicals are allowed to be added. In the mushroom farm sustainability is in its DNA. The substrate from MME is made from 100% organic raw materials, for example sawdust (a byproduct from a sawmill), corn flour and wheat bran. After the mushrooms are harvested the remains of the substrate is used as natural fertilizer by agricultural farmers or golf courses. A nice and practical example of a circular economy. 

How should I store the substrate bags? How long can you keep the substrate?

The substrate bags should be stored in refrigerated conditions (34-38 °F, 1-4 °C) if they are not used within 24 hours. When storing longer than 1 month there could be a “mycelium” skin by continued growth which makes the product more difficult to grind. Bags should not be stored longer than 3 months.

What is your connection with Ecovative Design?

MME and Ecovative work together already for a long time to develop mycelium materials. We produce the MyComposite™ under the license of Ecovative.

Why is the price excluding VAT and excluding transport?

Our farm is located in the Netherlands and for business within the Netherlands we need to charge VAT (Sales tax), but outside the Netherlands not. Transport costs depends where our products goes to. We have a direct connection with our transporter DHL who will give us their best price once you order.

Can I order larger quantities? Do you do pallet delivery?

Larger quantities will be shipped on a Danish Trolley. These trolleys are used in the flower business. The transporter does not bring the Trolleys to all locations, so please ensure a truck can deliver these to your location. In a residential area trucks can typically not deliver Trolleys. Also, the trolleys need to be received at the first delivery. So, please ensure that someone is available to receive the trolley. If the transporter has to return to your location for a second delivery they will charge extra costs, which needs to be passed on to you.

What strain do you use?

The strain is a licensed strain which we are unable to reveal.

My substrate was different from previous order, why?

The substrate is a product of nature. Although at our farm we control the process there always will be differences due to for instance: variance of the raw materials, time of year (growing in summer is different from growing in winter), transport & storage conditions. If there is an issue or complaint, please inform us and we see what we can do.