what we do

We grow sustainable mycelium materials

Mycelium Materials Europe (MME for short) started in 2018 and is active in the bio-based materials and circular economy. We grow sustainable mycelium materials based on mushroom technology. We produce two types of organic materials in our own mushroom farm in The Netherlands: MyFoam® and HedelComposite, a mycelium substrate to grow your own products.

About mycelium

Mycelium is the root network of mushrooms

Mycelium is the branching root structure of mushrooms. It grows thread-like tissue called hyphae, that form vast mycelial networks. Mycelium is of vital importance to our ecosystems, as it can break down organic matter and restore nutrition in the soil. The mycelium can even act as a carbon storage facility and will reinvest the carbon into plants.


Foam constisting of 100% mycelium

MyFoam® technology offers a supple and foam-like material fully grown from mycelium. MyFoam® can be used to make sustainable leather alternatives and other organic textiles. We currently only produce MyFoam® for our exclusive partners. Therefore, MyFoam® is unavailable for sales at this point.

mycelium composite

Design with mycelium composite materials.

We implement our extensive experience and practice in mushroom technology to construct Hedelcomposite. A Grow-It-Yourself mycelium substrate that can be applied to create 100% biodegradable products and packaging made from the roots of fungus. You can find our Hedelcomposite materials exclusively at Kineco.

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The team

Bert Rademakers

CEO - Grower

Bert has more than 20 years experience in the mushroom sector, both as a grower and as a producer of substrate for Exotic mushrooms. Bert is fascinated by mycelium and likes to develop new opportunities and apply new technology. He earned his Master Degree in Agribusiness from the Wageningen University. Bert was advisor for LTO (the Dutch Agriculture & Horticulture Board) and Rabobank Bommelerwaard. He loves to drive on his classic Puch throughout Europe.

Simon Hoenderop

CFO - Operations

Simon has more than 10 years of experience in the mushroom sector. Before that he worked in various financial management positions in multinationals, both in the Netherlands as overseas. Simon likes numbers and well organized operations. He earned his Master Degree in Business Economics from the Groningen University and followed the Advanced Leadership Program at the Judge Business School of the Cambridge University. He is a keen golfer.

Our Operators

The farm employs 20 young and dynamic operators. They have backgrounds in design, sustainability and technology. There is a good mix between experienced managers in the mushroom sector and fresh ideas & theory from recent graduates. This has already proven to be a perfect combination for a start-up.